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Learn How the ‘Appraiser’s Club’ Can Make a Difference in Your Business!

 We’ve re-opened the doors for just a short time so don’t miss this opportunity to see how the Appraiser’s Club can make a significant difference in your business. If you’re looking to grow your business and get ahead of the curve using proven, cutting edge marketing strategies then don’t miss this Free webinar!
The Appraiser’s Club can help your business achieve a much higher level than you could ever hope to reach on your own. We’ll also show you how to set yourself apart from your competition as well as how to scale your business if you’re looking to grow. Whether you’re looking for “Full Fee” lender work, looking to transform your business and cash in on the abundance of “Non-Lender” work, or even a combination of both we’ll show you the way.
If you’d like to learn how to easily use Video, Mobile, Direct Mail, Automated follow-up systems and so much more this webinar is the place to be. You’ll also learn how to use “Relationship & Reputation Marketing” to greatly increase referrals and we’ll even touch on how to outsource most of your marketing so you can focus on what’s most important in your business.Even though we’ve just barely gotten started many of our members are already seeing significant results in their business, numerous members have received multiple full-fee referrals through our Club and we’ve also been able to provide a couple members with 6 figure appraisal jobs through our contacts in the industry.

Membership Includes Seminars, Videos, Tutorials and Forum Discussions on:

  • How to get more non-lending work
  • Getting More Estate Work
  • How to becoming your area expert
  • Referral Appraisal Business
  • Top AMCs to work with
  • Creating an automated mailer system
  • Increasing your client base
  • FREE Online AMC Directory
  • Simple Website Optimization
  • Social Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Marketing
  • and much, much more.

Also included with the membership is:

  • Free Appraiser Website included with membership – optimized for the search engines and your information ($500.00 Value)
  • Free annually updated list of Appraisal Management Companies ($79.95 Value)
  • Live Seminars with industry experts on how to get more work and expand your appraisal business ($1400.00 Value)
  • Networking opportunities with other appraisers to find out what Appraisal Management Companies are the best and the worst (Priceless)
  • Members only forum for discussions and to share information on getting more appraisal orders
  • Members only referral network  (Priceless)
  • Discounts on Continuing Education from McKissock and ELicensing School

So if you’re tired of working ‘Twice As Hard For Half The Money’…let us show you how to start ‘Working Half As Hard For Twice The Money.

We’ll remind you as it gets closer to the webinar. Thanks again and see you at the webinar!
Roy Meyer
Bryan Knowlton


 If you would like to have a sneak peek of the club in the meantime,please visit



Bryan Knowlton

Bryan Knowlton

Bryan Knowlton is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser Serving San Diego County for over 10 years.  He is the author of the Appraisal Management Company Directory published annually and available online, from the OREP and  He has a podcast titled ‘The Busy Appraiser’ on iTunes and has an active appraisal news blog at  He is also an advocate for appraisers and is an active member of the California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP) as well as the Appraisers Guild of America (AGA).  Teaching others how to make more money as a real estate appraiser has been one of his primary goals for over the past 5 years.


Roy Meyer

Roy Meyer

Roy Meyer is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser Serving Southern CA for over 20 years and prior to the HVCC had one of the largest appraisal fee shops in southern CA. He’s asked to speak, train and consult on a regular basis at several of the largest and most respected real estate and mortgage banking companies in southern CA. He has a passion for marketing and has become an expert at “relationship” and “referral” marketing in the real estate industry. He’s completely re-built his appraisal business primarily around “non-lender” work and now teaches appraisers how to do the same. He recently spoke on new cutting edge marketing strategies for appraisers during a break out session at the recent 2011 Valuation Expo in Las Vegas. He also has a successful real estate investment business on a national level however his true passion is helping appraisers to thrive in this economy.



I have been appraising for 17 years. In that time I have found appraisers generally tend to be less supportive of each other and their profession than do other professions. I heard about The Appraisers Club via an email and thought it may be just another ‘group’, but felt I had little to lose in sitting in on the webinar. Needless to say I am thrilled I stayed on the webinar to hear them out. In an industry which has been hit hard by regulations which in turn prompts a dog eat dog mentality, The Appraisers Club has a positive, upbeat and supportive undertone which when combined with Bryan’s AMC knowledge and Roy’s vast marketing skills is a very powerful combination, one I will personally take advantage of. Thank you both!

Kristina Burke
Appraisal Solution
Long Beach, CA


I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for already sending a referral only days after signing up with The Appraiser’s Club. I know that joining the Appraiser’s Club will only help me make my company more successful and profitable for my future; which is what we all are looking for in this industry.

Thank you again and have a great day!



I just wanted let you know that prior to your seminar, I was already decided to quit appraisal business for good.

You gave me hope, and I will give this business a last “shot”. I just wanted let you know that.

Look forward to working with you.



I want very much to take my appraisal business to the next level, and am counting on your guidance to go there.

Many thanks to you and Bryan for undertaking this project.



Roy and Bryan,

I really did enjoy the webinar today and I subscribed to the Appraisers Club. This is information that I have been “intending to” learn, research, etc. I’ve known for some time now that I had to begin to change w/ the changing industry. I’m pretty excited for the training and information you all have compiled.




I wasted very little time in placing my order, and as I mentioned in the Webinar comments, it was actually a very positive webinar that really gave everyone a lift. You and Bryan did an excellent job of laying out a path to success for appraisers that would appear to be already proven, and all we have to do is follow the direction provided, work as hard as we can, and harder than anyone else in our geographic region, while also doing what we can in the way of innovation along with the concept of the gestalt that we commonly see in group settings that are not too large, and give back to you and Bryan and the group in return.

Again, thanks, and I can’t wait to work with you guys,

Great. I think that this is what our industry has been needing for quite some time now. Have a great night!



Hi Roy,

I listened in on the webinar on Tuesday and promptly signed up.

I have been an appraiser for 19 years, but have never chosen to market my company. One reason is because back in the late 90s and early 2000s (the dreaded mortgage broker days), what frequently happened is that a disgruntled loan officer would leave his company and take my biz card along with him. When he arrived at his new mortgage brokerage, he would simply advertise on my behalf and I would immediately start to benefit by receiving new orders from that new firm. Apparently I became spoiled and never honed any advertising skills. Now, sorry to say, my business is on life support. But, hopefully, thanks to you and Bryan, that will all change very soon.

I am intrigued by both your and Bryan’s strategies (non-lender clients and carefully-selected, higher-than-normal-fee AMCs). I also am in need of getting more into the technological groove as well.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting further instructions.

Thank you kindly,


Looking forward to the ride.


I just want to personally thank you for your efforts in your emails and for the advice that you gave to me over the phone one day last April. I did it and it worked. Once the orders started to come in, I could focus on rebuilding a business with other types of non-lender based clientele which has worked out very well for me.
Again, thank you for your efforts.
Kind regards,
Ross Demerjian


I purchased the AMC directory last week and am very happy. I signed up for 4 companies and already received two orders.
Diane Felgenhaur


The products I purchased from you are worth every cent.
GOOD JOB !!!!!


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  1. Can’t wait to see be a part of the webnar.
    Thanks for the invite.
    Russ Burgess

    • Bryan Knowlton

      Thanks Russ, we can’t wait as well! Thanks again!

      May Day!!!


  2. Can someone tell me HOW IN DETAIL to be a part of a webnair; I have no clue how this is done

    • Bryan Knowlton

      Good question. The webinar process is very easy. We will be emailing you a sign up link so you can reserve your space in the webinar. At that point, just confirm your reservation and you will be ready to go.

      On the day of the webinar you will be sent a log in address and you will be prompted to download the software so you can watch the webinar on your end. You will not need a microphone or a camera as you will just be watching the webinar.

      You will have the ability to type in questions and make comments.

      Very, very easy.

      Roy and I are very excited to share this opportunity with fellow appraisers!


  3. I am so excited to catch your enthusiasm and also so grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge and experience. I want to bring my once successful Appraisal Company out of the dark ages and into the light. The days of developing and maintaining a customer base by doing a great job for loyal customers is apparently illegal now, and I think that is just a shame on America. If you have successful strategies for doing business and actually making money in today’s economic and political climate, I’m all ears! Good for you!

    • Bryan Knowlton

      Working with the AMCs you really have to work by their rules for the most part. Fortunately I have a lot of tips and advice on how to work with the best and techniques you can use to make the most $$$ when using them.

      Roy on the other hand is amazing with his estate work systems. I am also looking to get more estate work so I can continue to cherry pick the AMC orders and companies that I work with. He has so much information and great systems in place. You are going to love this club!


  4. I to have retooled my appraisal business. The old ratio (10 years ago) was 99% mortgege work and today mortgage work is <10% for approximately 5 years. I am looking forward to alot of content that is more than opimizing a web site or search engine listing, quite honestly any 6th grader can do that. Thanks

    • Bryan Knowlton

      All it takes is for the right information to be taught at the right time when people are ready to learn! I think many appraisers are ready to take their business to a new level. Thanks!


  5. Andrew Kellman

    Looking forward to the info

  6. Nathan Bernhardt

    A club’s exclusivity is somewhat determined by cost, and who is EXCLUDED. If any appraiser can easily join the club, the club’s value to “us” becomes diluted. How to you plan to maintain the stated value to club members as the club grows?

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We believe we are targeting those individuals that are active in promoting their appraisal business and looking to improve their quality of life. The majority of appraisers sit on the sidelines waiting for things to happen. We feel the appraisers that will be most interested in joining the club and being an active member will be interested in continued participation. We will be laying out the payment structure in the webinar. We look forward to sharing the information with you.

  7. I am very curious on how to expand, especially with estate, etc…. I have found that my being in a small community is a detriment. Most attorneys already have their relationships built. I do not know if there is any way around this!!!!

    • Bryan Knowlton

      Being in a small community or an area with a small population is very difficult. If you are unable to travel to surrounding market areas then your business will be limited. Small towns frequently have the ‘Old Boy’s Network” going on as well. On the other hand, if there is appraisals going on in your area, you should be getting them and we will show you how. Roy is amazing when it comes to getting estate orders.

  8. Bryan & Roy – glad to see you’re injecting enthusiasm in this business again! Over the past 4 years appraisers have become marginalized, isolated, desensitized, and just burned out. Time to reclaim that passion, reconnect with collegues and clients, and re-educate the public about the importance of our work. Kudos!


    • Bryan Knowlton

      Well, I am sure at one point we have all said

      ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’

      We can do this together.

  9. John LaScala

    It”s nice to see that some people are making the best of the current state of this industry. Most of the fly-by-niters are gone by the wayside now – just us hard core appraisers remaining and it hasn’t gotten any easier. I think your concept is great and I am looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

    • Bryan Knowlton

      I have to agree. The diehards are here to stay. Hopefully we can either convince the remaining appraisers not to work for peanuts and take the control back. It will be very exciting to work together to improve our profession. Thanks again!


  10. richard manzo

    This appears to be very interesting and looking foward to see the results.

  11. Thank’s

  12. Carlene Mathison

    Moving from NH to CT I’ll need all the help I can find haha…thanks Brian and Roy.

  13. I am truly looking forward to this new beginning. I have been out of the circuit when the crash of 2008 came tumbling down. I recently gathered up the courage to start my own company this year with the challenges of what the AMC companies do compared to good old days. I am excited to be connecting with everyone in this group to learn the “real deal” and take my business to a new level!

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We are very excited to be starting this club. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a great living being a real estate appraiser. By focusing on both the AMC and Estate work, you will be able to pick the best of both worlds. I frequently imagine if I only lived in an area with a lower cost of living that I would be ready to retire! Hahah.

  14. Will you host replays of your Webinar?

    I virtually do only estate work, but that is not a panacea for good times in the appraisal industry

    • Bryan Knowlton

      After the initial live webinar on the first, we will see how many members we have at that point. Most likely we will open up the membership again within a couple weeks to a month and you will have the ability to watch the webinar replay during that time period.

      So if you miss the webinar on 05/01/2012, most likely you will be able to see it again sometime around the middle or end of the month. Who knows, we might just send out a link to everyone that couldn’t attend the first time.

      Great question!


  15. What will be the dues / fees for membership?
    How many members will be in the club?
    Will membership be limited by areas/location?

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We will be disclosing all of this information on the webinar on 05/01/2012. Thank you!!!

  16. Thanks for the information. I’m looking forward to receiving some more.

  17. Billie Walter

    This sounds like a very good idea. I am excited about the possibility. Thank you

  18. Debbie Shaw

    I am a newby to the industry so I am looking forward to any suggestions on how to get work. Thanks.

    • Bryan Knowlton

      If you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, you are going to learn the best techniques to getting more appraisal work.


  19. Debbie Fleming

    Can’t wait

  20. Patricia Moniz

    Can’t wait for the webinar! I hope you have some good tips for appraisers in Hawaii!

    • We will have information for any appraiser looking for more work

  21. John Hardung

    Looking forward to what you have to offer. 20 years in the biz and suffering AMC burnout

    • Bryan will be sharing all of his tips and advice on how he manages to run his appraisal business primarily on AMC work, and I will be teaching information on how I get my non-lender work. Together we both do quite a bit of marketing for estate work and we will show you which techniques work the best. You will receive notification of the webinar registration soon. Thank you,


  22. Hello Bryan,

    I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. In the past I did a lot of marketing and relationship building with local lenders since this has somehow become an unethical practice for appraisers (no one else in the country) my business has suffered like everyones.


    Sylvester G (Sandy) Whitman

    • Roy Here,
      We are going to show you a ton of marketing techniques that we both use to make more money as an appraiser. There is still plenty of ways you can to make sure you are getting the non-lending work in your area. You can still market to Credit Unions as well.

      Thanks again,


  23. Jennifer Boles

    I’m always looking for ways to make my business bigger, better and produce more income. Thank you for your willingness to share your experience and ideas.

    • Jennifer,
      You are really going to love the AppraisersClub, stay tuned!


  24. count me iin

  25. I would definitely be interested in doing more estate work, not sure about divorce work as this seems like it could be a recipe for law suits or winding up in front of appraisal board. Thanks for any advice. Charles Garrison

    • We will be covering all information regarding estate work appraisals. You really don’t have to worry about doing divorce appraisal work as long as you are 100% honest and ethical and make sure your insurance is up do date just in case.

  26. Michael Magyar

    Think it is a great idea look foward to the information and taking my business to the next level.

  27. James

    Hey! This all sounds wonderful. I know that you’re not doing this for the heck of it,
    so, what is the cost involved for all of this?

  28. Looking to forward to seeing if you have something different to offer than the usual “appraisal directories”, etc. I am definitely interested in getting more estate, divorce and non lender work. Is the date May 1st or June 1st??

  29. Angelo Hatzidakis

    Looking forward to your informative webinar!
    Hopefully it will be just what I am looking for to boost my appraisal business

  30. Kathy S Needham

    send me notification of your webinar

  31. Wait to hear on details of this group

  32. Matt Brown

    Go Team!

  33. looking forward to the additional business


  34. Looking forward to the webinar.


    • Bryan Knowlton

      We will have plenty of marketing materials for you to view soon. We just would prefer to talk to everyone via the webinar.

  36. You keep bringing us along with out letting us know what the costs are. Our firm is on a very tight budget and I have to weigh the pros and cons of your club. On the surface it sounds good but as we all know there are no guarantees in this business. I would very much like to be part of this webinar if there are no costs involved!!!

  37. I have done a bit of non-lender work in the past and I love it, as you get full fee and very little pressure. Problem being there just isn’t enough to stay busy with it. I look forward to the webinar and hope the costs of becoming a member are not prohibitive. Thank you for the invitation.
    B. Ben Collins

  38. Jong Park

    Looking forward your information

  39. William Stulgin

    I am looking forward to hearing about a strategy to develop more business from the private sector.

  40. Deanne

    Sounds interesting 🙂

  41. Don Hammond

    I have an appointment at 8:30 that morning and I’m not sure if I will be back. Will the June 1 seminar be the same, or can I get a tape or watch a video?

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We are not 100% sure of the next live webinar, but replays will be available. We will contact you via email!


  42. Allen R. Cook

    what ever it takes

  43. Thank You.

  44. Bryan, Roy:

    Although I had a computer failure of sorts that took me about 5 hours to recover from and made me late for the webinar, I can only use the words of a president for one of the nonprofits that I voluteer for as a proposal writer, in that you guys really “hit it out of the park” today. The webinar was fantastic, and as my unimportant questions were not being answered, I am sure that we would have been here the same time next week if it was expected that you guys ask all that were being answered.

    One of the things that was so refreshing, is that the appraisal industry has been sort of beat down in being accused by many as being responsible for the national banking crisis, when at the same they were being underpaid, overworked, and continuing to take a beating from the banks and then the AMCs (along with the buyers and sellers) for not “making value.” Appraisers couldn’t possibly make anyone happy.

    My wife did not get to join me for the webinar as she was at the computer until the early morning hours, and then out in the field this morning, and wanted to take a nap before getting back on the maching this afternoon. She is still working 7 days per week, well over 100 hours per week, and is still not making very much money.

    I am actually disabled due to a brain injury, but having spent 25 years as a computer scientist who took an interest in writing winning DoD proposals, I am now heading up her marketing and new business development activities. I have not even had a chance to brief Beth on everything yet, and I am sure she is going to make sure that it is my own allowance that is spent on joining your Appraisers Club, I believe my greatest concern is associated with what is going to happen when she has far more work that she can handle at a good rate.

    I am really looking forward to working with each of you–and again, fantastic job today!

    Shawn Adams

    • Shawn,
      Thank you for attending the webinar. We had a really great time with the presentation and really look forward to helping your wife out.

      Regarding the question of when she has too much work to handle… Now that is a great situation to be in. We enjoy giving out work left and right. You can always hire additional appraisers, set up a referral network or just refer it to people in the club that might be in the same service area.

      Either way it will give her the ability to cherry pick the best orders and work for the best companies.

      Look forward to working with you!

      Thanks again for attending!!!


  45. Carlene Mathison

    I was unable to be here this morning due to appraisal inspections. I believe I signed up but I don’t see how to watch the replay. please help…carlene

  46. Gene

    I’m already appraising in the Estate Planning field and have great relationships with many in that practice. Estate planning crosses over a large range of professional disciplines and I am looking forward to finding the ones I’ve missed.

  47. John Hamill

    Was just forwarded this from a long time 30 year associate in San Diego … I have been appraising in Orange County since 1983 … Couldn’t register from link… Is it full? Are there others coming up? … Thanks … John H.

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We will contact you via email for the next webinar or a replay. Thank you!

  48. After being a residential real estate appraiser for 20 years, I look forward to getting some decent training. So far your e-mails and webinars have been very professional. It was hard choice to join. But after thinkiing about for a while it became a good option. My business is 100% AMC. Their demands are getting out of control adding two or three more hours to the appraisal with no increase in fee just increases the level of frustration. It will nice to get into other areas of residential appraising where the fees will be more exciting. I look forward to a new beginning.

  49. Ivan Canino

    Your comments have convince me to look for help in this changing industry. I am ready to start when you are.

  50. Jack James

    What is the fee for membership?

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We just updated the page to include the cost to join. Only $97.00 a month or $924 a year. You will definitely get MORE than enough new appraisal work to cover the cost of the membership. Thanks again!


  51. Jim Scarduzio

    The club sounds cvery interesting and I would like to attend the webinar but I will not be available on Monday. I would like to view the replay however.


  52. Thanks for including me inyour club. I look forward to learning and sharing.

  53. I have registered for seminar but have a dental appointment on Monday at 1 Is it going to be available for replay.

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We will be sending out the replay. Thanks again!

  54. Julie Thompson

    I am not available on Monday for the webinar, any other times in the near future you can tell me about so I can plan for it?

    Thank you,

    Julie Thompson

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We will be sending out a video replay and it will also be posted on the confirmation page. Thank you!


  55. Debbie Rose

    What is the cost of membership ?

    • Bryan Knowlton

      We just updated the page so you can see the prices now. Only $97.00 a month or save $240 a year by signing up at $924.

      You also get a ton of bonus’ marketing for that value.


  56. Fred Nesvet

    I purchased your AMC directory and have found that they won’t send me any orders when I ask for full fee $350-400. These AMCs send out a request to several appraisers and use the one who quote the lowest fee. I don’t see how your club can change that. You yourself state that this is a dying profession so I think you are wise to get into the teaching and consulting business ala Dan Kennedy. Thats where the money is, not in appraising. I know I sound negative but its hard to be positive when I have gone from a 6 figure income to poverty level. I was charging $350-400 back in 1998. Ask any profession if they are charging less than they did 14 years ago. Appraising is no longer a profession.

    • Bryan Knowlton

      I understand your concern and wish we could help out. I get a ton of work from the companies off my list, sometimes it takes a while to weed out all the bad companies.

      The great thing about the club, is that we will be sharing the techniques we use to get the most work and most pay for both AMC work as well as non-lender work.

      The real key here is that non-lender work. If you are not getting it, then there is a reason why.


      Your competition is doing better at their marketing than you are. We will teach you the techniques we use to get more non-lender work and give you the ability to either stop working for the AMCs or pick only the best companies to work with.

      Hope to see you on the inside.


  57. I just sent in a request to join. Am anxious to see what these testimonials are signing up for. Wondering about the cost as I am on a budget. I am so far, impressed with what you have done. I definately need to get away from the lenders, or lose my mind.

  58. M J Mitchem

    I am able to sign up with Appraisal Club
    Please send the information to sign up for the Club





    • Bryan Knowlton

      We hope to have you inside of the club. We would love to have a valuation expert practicing in India!

      You can use our marketing techniques anywhere in the world.

      Thanks again!


  60. William Hofmann

    Is this just for residential appraisers?

    • Bryan Knowlton

      No, all of the marketing techniques we teach inside the club can be applied to commercial and residential appraisers. There is some valuable AMC information in there, but you probably won’t need that. We really focus on getting non-lender and estate work.

      The good thing about marketing your commercial services, not many appraisers are doing this, so you should be able to pick up most of the work in your area.