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We know the Appraisers Club is of TREMENDOUS value to real estate appraisers. Only by banding together can we use the power of networking to help each other out, take our businesses to the next level and obtain our dreams. The more appraisers we have in the club, the more we can accomplish. Referral work is only the beginning, but we hope to take the clubs influence much further.

Please take a moment to provide a text or preferably a video testimonial on how the Appraisers Club has helped you or inspired inspiration in your business.

We really appreciate your input and as a “Thanks” for submitting a testimonial, we will either create a video for your website that you can use for marketing or get a free printed directory of appraisal management companies sent to you ($100 value).







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There are 2 ways you can leave us a video testimonial. You can upload a video that you recorded on your cell phone or computer, OR you can record a video on this page. Here’s how to do either one:

#1) Upload a Video

If you’d like to film your video testimonial on your cell phone, computer, or flip-cam, you can do so and upload the file below. Simply click on the "Upload" button below, find the file on your computer, then click on the "Submit" button below and you’re done!


If you have a webcam, you can record a video right here on this page! To record on your webcam, begin by selecting “Allow” in the Adobe Flash Player setting window below and click “Close”. You can select your specific webcam and microphone through the Adobe Flash Player setting window as well.

Then just follow the instructions to record and submit your video (don’t worry, you’ll be able to review it before you submit 🙂


We really appreciate your input! Submit your testimonial by clicking the button below and we will follow up with you shortly to give you your free "Thank You" gift!